Xpressions '16 | The Annual Cultural Fest of XIMB



Street play

Everything big that took place had its origins in the streets. Voice in unison became a matter to be noticed Let your voices be heard. If there is a social message you want to spread, this is the place to be. Come, Make people feel your presence. So roll up your sleeves, break the barriers and compete with enthusiastic teams from colleges across the states


(A part of the annual fest Xpressions, scheduled from 11th Nov to 13th Nov 2016)

Registration and Important Dates:

➢ Register at http://www.ximbxpressions.com/register.htmlto get a unique Xpressions ID.
➢ Having a Xpressions ID is mandatory to participate in any of the events conducted during Xpressions 2016
➢ You will receive the unique Xpressions ID via mail. You can use this ID to register for the events.
Registrations for AAGHAZ to be done latest by 25th October 2016.
➢ The final event of AAGHAZ will be on 13th of November.


➢Total of 6 teams will perform at the final event with a maximum size of 15 members.
Food and accommodation will be provided to the members of the outstation teams only.


There will be two rounds:

Round 1:

Approached institute shall upload their video in a drive (link is given below). The entries will be evaluated and top 6 performances will be selected. Google Drive

Round 2:

The final 6 teams will have to perform at the final event AAGHAZ.

The teams will be judged on:

a. Acting (Characterization, Use of voice and energy levels, Movement, Teamwork)
b. Writing (Script, Execution, Use of Writing)
c. Production (Efficient use of space, Relevance of the musical soundtrack and Props)

However the above criteria are completely subjected to discretion of judges.
➢ Each team will have to send a video of their performance which will be evaluated for the final round.
➢ It is imperative that all team members carry their college ID cards and must present them during the time of registrationat the campus
➢ No props and costumes will be provided by us. Teams have to bring their own costumes and props.
➢ A room would be provided for the changing purpose.
➢ Vulgarity of any kind would lead to disqualification of the team from the event. Hence, if the team feels that if an act can be deemed as vulgar, it is advised to consult the organizers before performing it directly.
➢ The selection of the theme out of the mentioned above is left for the teams to decide
➢ Time limit for every team would be 15 minutes . This time also includes narration time if teams will be using narrators.
Negative marking shall be imposed if participants exceed the time limit..
Decision of the judges will be final and binding.

1. Unfreedom


3.Social Equality

As a final step of registration, fill the google form.