Xpressions '16 | The Annual Cultural Fest of XIMB

Big Xpressions RJ HUNT'16

Big Xpressions RJ HUNT'16 is a fun RJ search competition which will be conducted at various colleges before the final round takes place at XIMB, during Xpressions'16.
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No registration on the Xpressions website is needed to participate in the competition.

Prizes worth Rs 20000 to be won, and the winners also get exclusive passes to Shankar Ehsaan Loy's concert, that will be held during Xpressions.
Round 1: Prelims

The contestants will have 60 seconds to impress the judges and to win a place in the final round of BIG Xpressions RJ Hunt in Xpressions ‘16. The contestants will have to speak on topics given to them by the judges. They will have 15 seconds to think and 45 seconds to perform. The aim is to entertain the judges and the audience.

For the Auditions:
1. You can either turn up in XIMB on the morning of Day 2 of Xpressions ‘16 i.e. 12th November
2. Be present in your college when our team comes calling for trials.

The date and time of the XIMB team visiting your college will be notified on facebook and through your college representative in advance. The notification group can be accessed through the following link :

Prelims Stage II:
After the audition round in your respective colleges, there will be another round conducted in XIMB on the morning of Day 2 of Xpressions ’16. The winners of this round will move on to the next and the final round.
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Round 2: Finals

The finals will be conducted in XIMB on the evening of Day 2 of Xpressions ’16.
The judges for the final round will be RJs of 92.7 BIG FM.
The participants will have to perform certain situations in front of the judges. For example, some news that has just come in or a situation to conduct an interview on air or promoting a certain event etc. They will be judged on the basis of their performance there.

Each finalist would get 2 minutes to express themselves and connect to the audience of Xpressions‘16. In these 2 minutes, you have the freedom to do whatever you want to make your performance stand out! It is upon you to attract the attention of the audience and the judges.
Also, the judges may ask you to perform an impromptu task after your performance.
The decision of the organizing team and the judges will be final and binding.
Coming soon to your college!
https://www.facebook.com/bigxpressions60/ is your go to link for updates!


Nov 11-13, 2016

XIMB presents Eastern India's biggest B-School fest