Xpressions '16 | The Annual Cultural Fest of XIMB


War of the bands
Decibelz is the flagship event of Xpressions where the biggest of bands battle it out for the coveted title. A celebration of the spirit of rock, this competition opens the floor for bands from all over the country to enthral audiences with some hard core rock. Witness country's top semi-professional rock bands perform their best. Feel the euphoria and let yourself loose to the rhythm of the music!


* Genre: ROCK (all sub genres e.g. Hard Rock, Punk etc.), Metal (All sub genres e.g. Thrash, Groove, Death, Progressive etc.)
* All bands performing here would get 30 mins of stage performance time (including sound check). Extra time will invite penalty in scores.
* The bands will be judged on the basis their performance which has the following parameters: composition, lyrics, instruments, vocals, coordination and audience appeal.
* The bands especially in Nu-Metal or Progressive/Djent genre might need MIDI which they can use for ambience but MIDI should not be used for playing any pre-recorded Drum, Bass or Guitar parts/tracks.
* Bands will be required to get their own guitars, leads and distortion pedals, vocal processor/effect units etc. Only a standard drum kit will be provided. They can bring their own cymbals (extra) and double bass pedals if they need. Guitarists who prefer their own set of guitar cable are advised to bring it along with them.
* Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited during the stage performance. This may lead to disqualification from the event in which case the assured amount shall also stand void.
* Any damage done to any property belonging to XIMB shall be borne by the band and its members.
* All decisions taken by the judges will be final.
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