Xpressions '16 | The Annual Cultural Fest of XIMB


A business simulation event
Gladiator, a flagship business game at XPRESSIONS, is a test of intellect, resilience, equanimity, and endurance,to unearth the Maximus of Management. The game is a simulation of real world management scenarios, which the best brains in the country battle to unravel. A number of modules spread over two days will judge the contender's ability to perform in different functional environments with unique objectives. Xpressions 2016.

PRIZES WORTH Rs. 25,000 and more

We look forward to engage your talent and expertise through an array of competitions covering all the basics and segments of Business. Play through the interactive modular games and increase your aggregate score to reach the final stage of DARK ROOM. We guarantee the fun and expect the competition and strategic tactics from you. Compete with the best minds across India ( IIMs , SRCC , IITs , NMIMS , SIBM , IMT GZB , XLRI , XIMB , ISB , NITIE , SIMR , SIMSREE and more ) , and emerge the HERO of Gladiator 2016. Please find the details of the event in the attached document.
Stage 1 – Armageddon (Online Quiz)
Armageddon is the first step to be a Gladiator.

It is an online elimination round. It is here that the brightest battle it out for the first time in all functional domains of a business and get a small taste of what awaits them in the final round on campus.

Top 25 participants would qualify for next round from Armageddon.
Stage 2 – Labyrinth (Online Case Study)
32 survivors from Armageddon get to participate in the next hurdle, an Online Case Study Competition.
Top 8 participants would qualify for next round from Labyrinth.
Stage 3 – The Golden Fleece (Modular Games @XIMB Campus)
Final 8 participants would be invited to XIMB Campus to take part in Final Two Rounds of Gladiator. Golden Fleece is modular game round where contestants would be tested on their skills on various modules like Marketing, Operations, Finance, Systems and HR.
It is simulated business scenario. Like any real business, this simulation would make the players deal with the unpredictability’s and pressures that come their way.

Top 3 participants would move to Final Round of Gladiator on the Final Day of Xpressions’2016
Stage 4 – The Dark Room (Final Round @XIMB Campus)
Details regarding this round would be communicated to Finalists later.

• Xpressions ID is mandatory to register for Gladiator.
1. The contest is open to all students of full-time management courses.
2. It is an individual competition.
3. The 1st Round will be an online event to be played on 19th October, 2016 2300 Hours (tentative).
4. The participants would be tested across all the 5 modules i.e. Marketing, Finance, Systems, HR, Operations.
5. The format for online prelims would be a mix of Quiz, Case Analysis and scenario based questions.
6. The last date for registering the team is 19th October 2016, 2100 Hours. 7. The top 8 participants will be invited to XIMB for playing Gladiator.
8. Boarding and lodging will be provided. Travel expenses will be reimbursed as per Xpressions' policies (visit website for details).
9. There is no restriction on the number of entries from a college.
10. In case of a tie, more than 8 participants may be invited for Campus Round.

Note: In case of any discrepancy the decision taken by Organizing Committee would be considered final.
• Click here to download the rule doc.
1. A password protected PDF will be mailed to the registered participants on 19th Oct, 2016.
2. Google Form for answers would be shared with participants around 10.45 pm of FB Page of Gladiator.
3. The password will be shared sharp at 11pm on the FB page of Gladiator.
Facebook Link:
Points to Remember:

1. Quiz would be of 30 questions
2. Time to complete Quiz would be 25 minutes from the time Password is uploaded in FB page of Gladiator
3. Questions in multiple of 4 have bonus points which would be considered in case of a tie
4. In case of further tie, time in which participant has finished the quiz shall be considered
THE ARMAGEDDON will be conducted on 19th October at 23:00 pm.
It is MANDATORY to get an Xpressions ID for participating in any event of XPRESSIONS 2016 .Register yourself to get the id.

DEADLINE : 19th October , 21:00 hrs

STEP 1 : Please register yourself : http://www.ximbxpressions.com/
STEP 2: And fill the google form with your details : https://goo.gl/forms/6EsHUP74w5Kpgx8W2
Also,please note : Only those participants will be allowed to play the quiz who register for Xpressions and fill the google form as well.
Further details would be communicated in due time.
The countdown to the first round of GLADIATOR begins!