Xpressions '16 | The Annual Cultural Fest of XIMB


The singing competition
Goonj shall consist of 2 stages, Prelims and Finals. In the prelims, all registered participants will be required to audition for the finals. Selected participants will compete in the Finals.

There will be 2 separate categories in the competition:

DesiXtravaganza : Any Bollywood movie or album songs
Western: English and pop songs

Prelims :

1.1 Prelims-on campus

a. Each participant will be required to sing ONLY ONE song for 3 minutes.
b. The participant has an option of using an instrument to complement his/her song. He/she can himself/herself play the instrument while singing (keyboard, guitar etc.) Note that instrument is not compulsory here.
c. There will be a clear demarcation between the vocalists participating for DesiXtravaganza and Western.
e. Originality will be taken into account while scores are given out. So original compositions are welcome. But that does not guarantee higher scores. It depends on the merit of the song.
f. Both category vocalists can sing any cover or original song composed by them.
g. The prelims will be held off stage.

1.2 Prelims-Online

a. Online prelims shall be held only for participants outside Odisha.
b. Not more than 3 minute audio/video/ you tube link of the song must be sent to the below mentioned link with the subject line: Goonj16_Category_Participant Name_College Name. Google Drive
c. All other conditions remain same as the prelims-on campus.

1.2 Wild Card Entry

a. Auditions shall be held in few colleges in Bhubaneswar. The dates of the same shall be conveyed to the respective colleges in advance.
b. The top 2 entries per category from each audition shall have a direct entry to the final round.
c. All the conditions for the college auditions remain same as the prelims on campus

Finals :

a. 20 participants will be ideally chosen from each category, i.e., Desi Extravaganza and Western, but the number may change depending on the participation in the 2 categories.
b. Each participant will be given 5 minutes to sing a song. Exceeding the time-limit will result in penalty in the points awarded.
c. In the Finals, again, having an instrument along with the song is not compulsory. The participant can complement his song with an instrument (keyboard, guitar etc.) if he/she is able to play one (A keyboard and a guitar can be provided on campus only for participants outside Orissa or more than a 12 hour journey by train from BBSR). Please note that having an instrument will be good, however, this being a vocal competition, participants will be judged only on the vocal parameters irrespective of the instruments used.
d. Use of Karaoke track is permitted for this round
e. Again as in the prelims, originality will be taken into account while scores are given out. So original compositions are welcome. But that does not guarantee higher scores. It depends on the merit of the song.
f. The final round will be an on-stage event.
Date Event
5th November 2016 Last date for registration
5th November 2016 Last date to send audio/video for online prelims
6th November 2016 Result of online prelims
11th November 2016 Prelims-on campus
12th November 2016 Finals-on campus
Step 1: Register yourself at the XIMB Xpressions website www.ximbxpressions.com/register.html
Step 2: Using the id generated for Xpressions, register for the event Goonj here.
*Accommodation facility, if requested, can be provided for students from outside Bhubaneswar. However please do not apply for accommodation at the time of registering for Goonj if the same facility has been applied for while registering for some other event of Xpressions.