Xpressions '16 | The Annual Cultural Fest of XIMB


B-school event for undergraduates
David Cortell said that “An Important Part of preparing for the real world is to see how the real world works & there is nothing like actually watching and doing, to get a good sense of it!” Gear up for the most coveted and the only event for the undergraduates with raw management potential. We make sure that you encounter every possible aspect of the business world and emerge victorious. This multi-level business event stretches far and wide over HR, Finance, Marketing and Operations. They say that the potential of a businessman is judged by his strategies, his passion and a little adventurous streak. Think you have it all? Then this is one place where you ought to be.

1. Each Team will comprise of 2 participants only.
2. Eligibility: All undergraduate students are welcome to participate.
3. There will be a preliminary round. It will consist of a Written Assessment Test (WAT).
4. WAT will be a one page write-up. (Font: Calibri Font Size: 11)
5. The second round i.e. Campus evaluation round will be held in XIMB Campus.
6. Here is the timeline for the event: ​
        · Registrations will end on 28th October E.O.D.
        · WAT topic will be made online on 29th October at 5:00 PM.
        · Date of submission of WAT entries is on 31st October at 12:00 PM. ​​
        · Results of the Preliminary Round will be declared on 2nd November.​ ​
7​. Prizes worth Rs ​25​K to be won.​
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