Xpressions '16 | The Annual Cultural Fest of XIMB


A business simulation event
The business world is a battlefield where wars are waged and fought day after day. Kurukshetra brings to you the arena where the skills of the better would be tested against the best; and the brain is your only weapon. Finally, glory bestows upon the team that can emulate the success of a real company by exuding an apt combination of operational, financial, marketing and human resource strategies. Kurukshetra is one of the toughest business simulation games in the country and the flagship event of Xpressions. The game tests contestants on their ability to understand the complexities of a business case and make cross functional decisions that impact the profitability of a virtual company. Participants must effectively use their business acumen, academic knowledge, analytical ability and, often, just gut instinct to outwit their opponents to make their virtual business the most successful. But the game is not just about virtual businesses. In the second round, contestants are thrust out into the real world of markets, customers and business owners. They have to use spontaneous thinking and people skills to outmaneuver opponents in the grit and grime of a real market.
Xpressions id is mandatory to register for Kurukshetra.
1. The contest is open to all students of full-time management courses.
2. EACH TEAM MUST HAVE TWO MEMBERS. Both members must be from the same institute.
3. The 1st Round will be an online event to be played on 19th October, 2016.
4. The participants would be tested across all the 4 modules i.e. Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations.
5. The format for online prelims would be a mix of Quiz, Case Analysis and scenario based questions.
6. The last date for registering the team is 19th October 2016, 09:00 PM.
7. The top ten teams will be invited to XIMB for playing Kurukshetra.
8. Boarding and lodging will be provided. Travel expenses will be reimbursed as per Xpressions' policies.
9. There is no restriction on the number of entries from a college
• Stage 1 – Shankhanaad
Shankhanaad is the forerunner for Kurukshetra. It is an online elimination round. It is here that the brightest battle it out for the first time in all functional domains of a business and get a small taste of what awaits them in the final round on campus.
• Stage 2 – Kurukshetra
Ten of the fittest survivors of Shankhanaad meet at the final battleground of Kurukshetra at XIMB. This time the battle is fought for two rounds:
• Kurukshetra
The winners of the prelims get a chance to prove their business mettle as they battle it out in a simulated business scenario. Like any real business, this simulation would make the players deal with the unpredictabilities and pressures that come their way.
• Chakravyuh
The second round, 'Chakravyuh', would force the players to into the chaos and madness of the real world. This round would test the participants not only on business acumen but also on out-of-the-box-thinking as they grapple with the frustations of meeting goals while navigating the mania of a real market.
• Xpressions ID is mandatory for registration. Xpressions ID can be obtained here: Register
• Once the Xpressions ID is received, you can register by filling up the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/WvTfYFhjMwratGIa2